Not Worth It

Buying Sex in Arizona?


Police are arresting sex buyers.

You could lose it all.

Your Family

Your family, partner, and children will find out. Information about sex buyers who get arrested is public information, accessible with a simple Google search.

Your Reputation

The people you care about will never look at you the same way.  You could lose your job and have difficulty finding another.

Your Freedom

Times have changed. Sex buyers are now facing serious criminal penalties, including jail time and being added to the sex offender registry. Vehicles driven by sex buyers are being towed and impounded by police for up to 30-days, and cell phones are being confiscated as evidence.

Your Safety and Resources

You could be robbed, beaten or murdered by criminals who operate prostitution rings.

Sex for money is not consensual.

Most people in prostitution are actually sex trafficking victims.

This means that they are forced, defrauded, or coerced into providing sex acts for money.  It is not voluntary.

Many sex trafficking victims in Arizona are young children.

The average age that a child is first trafficked in Arizona is 14-years-old.

Approximately 79% of adults in prostitution started as children.

That means most prostituted adults were child sex trafficking victims.  As a result they have histories of severe trauma and sexual abuse.

Prostituted people sell sex because they don’t have other options.

They often lack financial resources, family support, housing, and stability. They may have mental health challenges, struggle with substance abuse, or have a trafficker who is forcing them into prostitution.

Approximately 90% of prostituted people claim they want to escape the profession.

People who are in prostitution and want to get out are not able to consent to sex. They are not making a “choice” to be in the commercial sex industry, the choice has been made for them by a lack of options.


It is impossible for you to know for certain if someone is or is not a sex trafficking victim.

Regardless of their situation, people in prostitution will often act as though they are enthusiastic participants. They can smile and act friendly out of fear and/or desperation.